Rafael Nadal Reveals How Many Racquets He Has Broken In His Life

Rafael Nadal is not really the kind of player that you’ll associate with bad temper. Even though the Spaniard‘s game is aggressive, he takes care to never transgress the established boundaries of courtesy.

Nadal recently revealed a fact that is testimony to his good on-court conduct.

In an age of tennis, where breaking racquets has become a normalised activity for players to vent their frustration, Rafael Nadal revealed the number of racauets that he has broken in his life.

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What Did Rafael Nadal Say?

Nadal revealed that he hasn’t broken a single racquet in his career. He revealed that his family was the primary reason behind this.

“My family, they wouldn’t have allowed me to break a racquet. For me, breaking a racquet means I’m not in control of my emotions.”

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Recently,  Nadal found himself in an uncomfortable spot with the Serbian crowd creating an unfavourable situation for him. Even though he called them out after the match, the maximum that he did during the match was complain about the situation to the chair umpire.

Rafael Nadal
Rafael Nadal

In fact, smashing racquets is something which is not alien to many known tennis faces. The list includes establisjed stars like Novak Djokovic who lost his cool in the ATP Cup. Stefanos Tsitsipas and Alexander Zverev have also been known to take their frustration out on their racquets.

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Anyway,  Nadal will use all his aggression in the upcoming Australiam Open. He lost the finals of the ATP cup to arch rival Novak Djokovic. Unfortunately, that wasn’t his only loss in the tournament.

In fact, he lost to the Belgian star David Goffin in the quarter finals of the ATP cup. However, Spain still managed to salvage themselves. Sadly, the same couldn’t happen in the finals.

Rafa will look to leave all the bad things in the past in the search for his historical 20th grand slam.

Do you think Rafael Nadal can overtake Roger Federer in 2020?

Author: Robert Dinero