Roger Federer and Bill Gates form ‘Gateserer’ to beat Rafael Nadal and Trevor Noah

Roger Federer announced the name of the team he will play in alongside the co-founder of Microsoft Bill Gates to confront the pair formed by Rafael Nadal and the host of The Daily Show, Trevor Noah, in the “Match In Africa” exhibition taking place in Cape Town, South Africa, on 7 February.

Roger recently tweeted his and Gates’ team name and challenged Rafael and Noah to come up with a title for theirs as well. Federer and Gates decided that their best name would be ‘Gateserer’ — a combination of ‘Gates’ and the last part of ‘Federer’.

If Nadal and Trevor Noah would copy Roger and Bill’s name creation formula, one of the variants could be ‘Noahdal’, but we will have to wait until they find out the best one. However, the host of The Daily Show warned ‘Gateserer’ that the crowd in South Africa will be on their side.

This is because Trevor Noah will play in front of his co-nationals. Even if he is a TV star on American television, he was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. “Be prepared for the crowd in SA (South Africa) to be on our side” Noah said on Twitter.

Besides the doubles match, people attending the event will be able to see a masterclass duel between Nadal and Federer, and a few other surprises prepared by the organizers. The money raised during the event will go to disadvantaged African children through the Roger Federer Foundation.

Author: Robert Dinero